August 22nd, 2016

Avengers - Loki sweet and innocent

Birthdays 22nd - 28th Aug and stuff :)

Happy Birthday to:
22nd: drinkingcocoa, motherendurance, saifai
23rd: velven, tamaralm30, the_owlcat/[personal profile] the_owlcat
24th: pumpkinstine, broadlicnic,[personal profile] starlaces/starlaces
soberloki/[personal profile] soberloki
25th: jackhallin, karaz,[personal profile] karaz
26th: cynical_terror
27th: fairyeyez27
28th: fallen_jam,[personal profile] anatta

I hope you all have great birthdays and Many Happy Returns to every one of you.


I have been lax in the last couple of weeks, sorry - I've been watching too much of the Olympics. Wow, our little nation came second in the medal table - amazing :) It's inspiring to see so many people from all over the world coming together to celebrate the best in sport.

I'm also madly trying to finish a novel I plan to serialise on Wattpad. It's vampire romance and based on an RPF fanfic I wrote ages ago, but I've changed all the main characters and added in a good five chapters, where each chapter is between 2 and 3K words. I intend to publish chapters weekly once I have it done. For anyone who wants to follow me, my Wattpad is here: NatashaDuncanDrake. Let me know who you are and I'll follow you back :).

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