August 2nd, 2016

AV - Son of Cool

Oh, for a quiet life!

Could definitely have done without the excitement this morning.

Now I usually get up just as Rob is leaving the house, but this morning I was communing with Ruby (she wants lots of loves at the moment because we were away all weekend - you can tell by the loud purring). So when I finally stumbled out of bed the first thing I notice is Rob's wallet, which now also holds his phone, on the kitchen table.

So I hightail it to bedroom, throw on some clothes and leap in the car. I pull up at our local station just as the train is pulling out. Bollocks!

So I head home.

Then I think to myself - he has to wait at Ashford, I can catch him there. So I throw a bra on this time as well as a t-shirt - the right side in this time too :). Leap in the car and bomb my way to Ashford station.

The nice man on the gate lets me straight through and tells me which platform. I try and make it there as quickly as poss, but I'm not that fast! On the platform another nice lady helps me get a tannoy
announcement. No Rob. The Stratford train is about to leave. So I talk to the guard, who takes the wallet and says he will make an announcement on the train, or leave it at St Pancreas to be picked up if Rob doesn't show on the train.

I drive home.

Rob is waiting for me - he caught the local train back. Bugger! Must have missed him by about a minute at Ashford.

So back to Ashford we go. I drop him off and wait, just in case they won't let him on, but he doesn't come back, so I assume all is fine.

I drive home and finally use the bathroom and clean my teeth, then get some breakfast and finally Rob rings me, he is reunited with his wallet and phone. Phew.

Please lets not do this again :) We now have a plan in place - if it happens again, I will try to get to Chartham station, but will then sit tight if that's a bust.

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