July 25th, 2016


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Birthdays 25th - 31st July and Sumac

Happy Birthday to:
25th: [personal profile] lena204
27th: fyredancer/[personal profile] fyredancer, dramaphile
28th: 69512
29th: koyappi,[personal profile] argylepiratewd, eyoko
30th: lksnarry1,[personal profile] jadehunter, terrayndian/[personal profile] terrayndian, moniquemo,[personal profile] wolfangeldeathtxrabbit
31st: tarnationawaits,[personal profile] ampersandjay

I hope you all have great birthdays and Many Happy Returns to every one of you.


Okay, so I mentioned Sumac briefly the other day when I spoke about making Chicken Shawarma and now I have come back to speak some more about it, because it tastes wonderful and I've been reading up on it.

Apparently it's really good for you too.

I  had never heard of it until last week and now I am telling everyone I know how wonderful it is. There's even one study that suggests it has properties that help control type 2 diabetes, but they're still on going.

About all else it tastes lovely and is wonderful in yoghurt with mint. It has a lemony zesty flavour, but with something else as well and without all the hassle of trying to zest a lemon and leave behind all the pith :). It is a middle eastern ingredient so middle eastern super markets will have it, and so does Amazon, at least in the UK. Oh yes and in the US - just search for sumac :)

It's one of the main spices in za'atar, a mixture of thyme, sesame seeds and sumac in equal amounts.

Do you use sumac? What is your favourite recipe?
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