July 18th, 2016

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Birthdays 18th - 24th July and Ghostbusters

Happy Birthday to:
18th: [personal profile] sunshine
19th: onlyashade
20th: [personal profile] arineat
21st: paradise4writin
22nd: fangirl_07/[personal profile] fangirl_07, tazza_di_jo
23rd: tigertale7,[personal profile] kellyfaboo, wendywoo,[personal profile] mandaplz
24th: [personal profile] badfalcon

I hope you all have great birthdays and Many Happy Returns to every one of you.


So Soph and I saw Ghostbusters on Fridays afternoon (only 4 of us in the cinema because it was the first showing) and it is awesome. I'm now trying to find a time when I can drag Rob along to see it too.

I've written a full review (no spoilers) over here at my other blog: Review: Ghostbusters ROCKS!

Soph and I were laughing most of the way through, and not just little laughs, big ones.

Soph has also given her opinion over here at her blog: Review: Ghostbusters - Awesomesauce!

Can you guess how much we enjoyed it from the titles of our posts? ;)

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