June 21st, 2016


Birthdays 20th - 26th June and Conjuring 2 and Sprializer

Apologies for this not being up yesterday - I'm kind of on hols because Soph is on hols and we've been heading out to do fun things.

Happy Birthday to:

20th: kaalee, dramaticpirate, feltons_world
21st: [personal profile] tootiredtosleep
22nd: the4ts,[personal profile] the4ts, myjadedhavok
23rd: [personal profile] perotessad
24th: [personal profile] lirren,[personal profile] jeannie81
25th: missmarauder2
26th: [personal profile] askani

I hope you all have great birthdays and Many Happy Returns to every one of you.

Conjuring 2

So as I mentioned at the top, Soph and I have been bombing around doing stuff and, yesterday, because it was tipping it down, we went to the cinema to see The Conjuring 2. Now I enjoyed the first movie, except I thought it lost it a bit at the end. This one I enjoyed right up and through the closing credits.

The story is based on the Enfield Poltegeist (with a bit of Amityville thrown in for good measure), which Ed and Lorraine Warren (the main protagonists) really did attend for a little while. Of course in the movie they are the heroes of the piece when in fact the Enfield Poltergeist just kind of went away in real life :).

This film has lots of scares and the evil entity is brilliantly done. It's a 15 so it's not a really gory horror movie, it's just a really good spooky one. Soph and I were hiding behind scarves and things from time to time in the cinema :). The characters are great too and Madison Wolfe is very, very good as Janet Hodgson - this girl being haunted.

I thoroughly recommend this film to horror fans who like a good scare.


Thanks to mee_eep 's recommendation I now own a spiralizer. It is awesome and I used it in earnest for the first time yesterday. It's brillaint! I gushed about it over on my Tasha's Thinkings blog and posted the recipe I made last night, which was delicious: Spiralizers are Awesome (and Healthy) #TipsTuesdays 32. It's courgetti (zucchini noodles) for me all the way now :)
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