May 17th, 2016


I've decided I've been neglecting LJ and DW

I have always loved Livejournal and by extension Dreamwidth and I've finally decided to stop neglecting them.

Yesterday I posted about Eurovision (LJ | DW) and I actually got to communicate with people - I even commented on some other posts about Eurovision too. It was lovely and it took me back to when I used to do this every day.

Hence I have decided to try and post much more often on these accounts.

So, how is everybody? :)

Any new fandoms I should know about?

I've decided to be more organised because I don't think I'm getting enough done, so I've scheduled my day. In case you were wondering, 9 - 11 is for blogging and such things, because I do a lot of it for my work and I'm slipping LJ and DW in there too, because I can :). It's after 11 that the "proper" writing starts.

Soph ([personal profile] thwax  ) made the most amazing cake for our little Eurovision gathering at the weekend:

Eurovision cake

Rob and I had a piece for dessert last night after dinner too, since Soph left us with some. She took the rest to work because we couldn't finish it all :).

Well, lovely to chat - now I need a cup of tea, since Ruby got me out of bed this morning way before the alarm should have gone off, but jumping on my head ... TWICE! I love my cats, but sometimes ....  ;)

What I posted elsewhere:

Review: We Still Kill the Old Way (18) #MonsterMondays 35 (yesterday) - Rob and I happened to click in this on one of the movie channels and it was good, so I reviewed it.
How To Rename Multiple Files with Windows Powershell #TipsTuesdays 28 - I've been reorganising our NAS box and found Powershell really useful for renaming files, hence I wrote a blog post about it.
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