February 24th, 2016

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From Fanfiction to Published Book (If 50 Shades Can Why Can't I?) #WriterlyWednesdays 25

Writerly Wednesdays 25

Fanfiction is lauded in some places, derided in others - personally I think it's great and today I tackle the topic of going from fanfiction to original book and why sometimes it can work and sometimes it can't.#WriterlyWednesdays 25

The Machine: Rise of the GiftedThe Machine: Rise of the Gifted
by Natasha Duncan-Drake

Rafe Derouet used to be a world class figure skater competing against his arch rival, flamboyant Louis Hayes, until a catastrophic knee injury ended his career.

When mysterious men in black with guns take over a press meet, trying to arrest Louis, they awaken something dangerous in their target. In the chaos Rafe finds out Louis can literally read his mind.

Dragged into a murky world of x-files Rafe tries to survive as he begins to realise his hatred for Louis might be something else entirely.

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