November 25th, 2015

Avengers - Loki sweet and innocent

Yay, I can have a shower again!

For the last two days I have been reduced to washing in front of the sink because I couldn't stand long enough to have a shower, but no more. It was so lovely be able to wash my hair this morning :). It's the simple things in life isn't it...

One day soon I think we will have to invest in some sort of fold away seat for repeats of such occasions. Unfortunately the older I get the more often they occur.

If you're wondering why - I walked 4 miles on London's concrete on Sunday - not a lot for most people, but enough to make my feet demand I barely stand up at all for the last two days. It was worth it because it was to meet up with lovely friends, but there is a reason I hate traversing London :). A very nice lady gave me her seat on the Tube back to Stratford, which is one of those things that restores my faith in humanity. It was completely packed and we had nine stops and standing was rather painful, even with my crutches.

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Avengers - Loki sweet and innocent

Looking For Book People to Host - #WriterlyWednesdays

Writerly Wednesdays - Seeking guest posts
I am seeking Bloggers, Authors (fanfic authors as well), Cover Artists, Editors and anyone else you can think of who might be something to do with writing to host for Writerly Wednesdays. Please check out the link above for details and the form to fill in if you would like to take part.

Many thanks for reading and if you know someone who might be interested, I'd be very grateful if you would pass on the link. Hope you are having a good week.
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