September 2nd, 2015


Announcing - Share a Scare - A Halloween Blog Hop - #WriterlyWednesday 6

Writerly Wednesday 6 is a little different this week because it's an announcement.

Do you like to be scared, at least a little? Do you like creating somewhat scary stories, sharing stories like round a camp fire or making a little bit scary art?

Then this is the blog hop for you!

This is a hop for Bloggers, Authors and Artists alike, we didn't want anyone to be left out. If you can share something a little bit scary you're in!

All you need to do is pop over to this post at the Wittegen Press Blog - Share a Scare – Halloween Blog Hop 2015 – Come And Sign-Up!, read the instructions and then sign on up.

Posts don't have to be about anything bone chillingly scary, just a little bit spooky will do if you're not into horror :). Just think Halloween.
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