July 13th, 2015

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Writerly Wednesdays

Writerly Wednesdays @ Tashas Thinkings

I'm starting up a new weekly post on my blog Tasha's Thinkings on Wednesdays for all things Writerly and I would very much like to feature some other authors every now and then. If you write, this means you, including fanfic.

I'm open to Author Interviews, Guest Blog Posts, Blog Tour Posts, Book Promotion Posts (as long as there is more than a simple advert for the book) and anything else that has something to do with writing or authors really :).

If you want to take a look my blog is over here:

If you are interested, please drop me a comment with the Wed you'd be interested in, so we can connect up and talk. I have 29th July and 19th Aug pencilled in so far, so if you would like a particular Wednesday, now is the time to jump in :).

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