February 25th, 2015

Avengers - Loki sweet and innocent

Asking a little favour - it only takes a couple of clicks :)

Okay so I am part of a book publicising group called BooksGoSocial and they have a readers group on Facebook.

We have a competition going on at the moment where we had to nominate our favourite cover from the BooksGoSocial catalogue and say why we like it and then everyone can vote on who they think chose the best cover.

This is done by LIKING the comment with the cover nomination in it.

Now I nominated a book called "Finding Demons" because it was the one that grabbed me the most when I went looking. It's the top comment on the post linked below.


If you have five mins and don't think I am completely nuts for picking that cover, could you like my comment please? Of course, if you prefer one of the other nominated covers better, please feel free to like and vote for that - we just need lots more votes because no one seems to be voting at the moment :). Thanks for playing.

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