January 19th, 2015


My tweets

  • Sun, 13:00: There are feathers all over the house thanks to the cats. They have feather toys they delight in ripping to shreds and scattering :) #cats
  • Sun, 14:52: Look what my talented twin made me. Aren't they awesome! I shall have warm wrists when writing. No more icy fingers. http://t.co/J9INj584Iw
  • Sun, 15:25: Tasha's Thinkings: My Awesome Twin http://t.co/q2SZBLt7Bv
  • Sun, 16:09: Friends who've been to our house in the last couple of months, did any of you leave your car stereo behind?
  • Mon, 10:14: Ruby just turned my monitor off. I love you cat, but I'm trying to write, go sit somewhere else! #cats