January 1st, 2015


Happy New Year and Happy Birthday

Happy New Year one and all and I've decided to restart an old tradition and kick my arse into gear into wishing my lj and dw friends happy birthday. I will normally do this on a Monday, but since it's New Years Day, I am doing the remains of this week today :).

I'm afraid my spreadsheet is so woefully out of date that I am going by the LJ and DW birthday lists only. Apologies if you appear twice because you have two accounts under different names and I'm being an idiot. (Please LMK if I am - I'm starting a new spreadsheet :)).

Happy Birthday to:

Jan 1st
midnightangel70, kristianabel22, angelofmercy, saigestar, missakins/[personal profile] missakins, being_elspeth, [personal profile] jnnymdsn
Jan 2nd
feygan, venivincere/[personal profile] venivincere
Jan 3rd
cocohufflepuffs, skytheuplight, colored_image, crestoinnocence, [personal profile] bard2003
Jan 4th

Many Happy Returns to you all.

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