November 27th, 2014

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Adventures in batheing

Wow, I do not want to start a day like this again in a while, thank you.

I was happily showering this morning when the floor suddenly turned into an ice rink (I think it was my conditioner and a blocked plug hole to blame) and down I went. Don't worry, not too hard, the worst injury is a battered little toe and I will likely have a lovely bruise on my hip, but otherwise all okay.

No it was when the adrenaline wore off that was the really nasty bit. I was fine while I had to figure out the logistics of turning the floor back into floor rather than the slipperiest surface known to man and actually getting out of the shower, but once I was back on solid ground it just hit me. I burst into tears and couldn't catch my breath and basically just had a melt down. Had to ring Rob at work to talk me out of it. Must have been the shock I suppose.

So I am having chocolate for breakfast and no one can stop me!

Also, on a brighter note, had some nice news when I logged into email this morning. A very nice reviewer had accepted The Avebury Legacy for review, so yay! I do hope she likes it.

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AV - Son of Cool

Herbal sleep aid - Rescue Night - its awesome

Over the years I have been pretty good at sleeping (touch wood), especially since I had to give up caffeinated tea and coffee. However, just recently I was having some trouble - tossing and turning a lot, not being able to relax properly.

Now my husband has had the same problem every now and then and took herbal pills to help him through a bad patch. It worked really well for him. My problem - I can't swallow pills. I thought I was out of luck, but then I discovered Rescue Night.

I was a bit sceptical to begin with - four drops on the tongue and it's made from flowers. However I willing to give it a go.

It's wonderful stuff. I can't honestly say how it does what it does, but it allows me to relax and drift off with far more success than lying there and hoping my brain will shut up.

I've been using it on and off for a about six weeks now and it's brilliant. If I can't sleep I put the drops on my tongue (it's just sugary to taste) and I drift right off. I know several of you out there suffer from sleeping issues, so I thought I would share how well this has helped me.

At first I used it every night, but now my sleep schedule had worked itself back into a normal routine I use it only if I can feel the tossing and turning coming on. Rob has tried it too and it works for him as well.
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