October 14th, 2014

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Almost NaNoWriMo time - yay!

NaNoWriMo is almost here!

This year I actually have a strong idea of what I'm writing before November 1st - so yay! I've decided to do something completely new that I think will make a good 50k book, rather than what I usually do, which is write 50k of a longer book.

My working title is:

Mirabel's Bad Day and Beyond

and this is my synopsis:
Miri, or Mirabel if you're her mother, is a very powerful witch. When she wakes up on an obnoxiously bright morning she knows it's going to be a bad day. First of all her familiar, Ran, has decided being a cat is no longer interesting enough and has taken to walking around as a naked young man. Not good for her equilibrium, not good at all. Then she bumps into a friend, Ted Hanson, she hasn't seen in five years and she starts feeling the witch's mating urge. Think hornier than Sid James in a Carry On film, only worse. Being a demisexual with few close friends, this is kind of new and confusing.
Oh and her next door neighbour has been murdered, which might be a problem.
I have ideas so far about Mirabel, her mother and a little bit about the murder, but not a lot else. The idea came to me while lying in bed the other day and I think it's a good one for just writing by the seat of my pants (which I often do anyway ;)) and should flow for NaNo.

The camaraderie of NaNo is always so much fun. Lots of authors all doing the same thing at the same time. If you would like to become writing buddies I'm beren_writes over there.

So, who else is doing NaNoWriMo this year? Do you know what you are writing yet? Do you make lots of preparations?

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This LJ banning a whole bunch of us Sky customers ... round 2

I feel like I'm getting more and more confused.

Like I've told several people I left my question about the whole IP address thing open and this afternoon I had a reply:

Your internet service provider is routing you through a proxy, which uses
the IP address you saw listed on the error page, but, as you noted, that is
not your actual IP address.

Community Care Team

Now I took this to mean that the server is masking all of our IP addresses and giving it's own. So I rang Sky to find out why. Problem is, they say they don't do this. I asked if they could check the server to see if it is acting as a proxy when it shouldn't be, but clearly that was out of my service chap's remit because he just kept suggesting I reboot my router and see if that changed anything and that the problem has to be at LJ's end.

I tested it out on Dreamwidth and they record my proper IP, however, on a traceroute they don't seem to go through the same server, and neither do any of the other sites where I can see my IP address. So now I'm out of empirical data.

a) LJ is not registering individual IP addresses - which I have asked them to clarify They have responded and they do register individual addresses.
b) that particular server is incorrectly configured and is acting as a proxy
c) LJ blocked a server IP by accident (but then I don't understand why this is registering as my IP when I post anonymously)
d) something else is happening that I simply do not understand

I is still confuzzled.