September 2nd, 2014


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Hmmm ... book descriptions

If I cannot understand the book description/blurb it usually suggests to me that I will not be able to understand the book. (The same principle often applies to fanfic, but with them there is usually other information to help in the header :)).

I've been doing a lot of click throughs lately to check out other books because I've taken to following several things on Twitter that show me stuff to be retweeted and I won't retweet something I think might be crap. I'm also on lots of mailing lists for free/bargain eBooks where I do a lot of clicking through as well to check out the content.

I have seen a worrying number of books with completely incomprehensible descriptions. I'm not just talking an incorrect word or a typo, I'm talking descriptions where I have no more idea what the book is about after I have read it than before and sometimes I don't even know what the description was trying to say let alone if it was a metaphor or a hint or what.

I read one yesterday that sounded as if it had been put through Google translate ... twice ...

I know descriptions are hard - trust me, they can be really difficult - but I would hope that most authors would at least manage the English language if that's what they're publishing their book in.

Ooh and I've discovered a pet peeve - when the description has more reviews in it than anything about the book. I don't care how many people think your books is wonderful - I'd be checking out the review section if I did - if I can't tell what it's about I won't be buying it. I saw one the other day that had half a page of reviews and then one line about the actual book's contents that didn't actually give me much of a clue as to what I was looking at.