September 1st, 2014

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Review: The Little Vampire (2000)

Title: The Little Vampire (2000)
Rating: U
Jonathan Lipnicki ... Tony Thompson
Richard E. Grant ... Frederick Sackville-Bagg
Jim Carter ... Rookery
Alice Krige ... Freda Sackville-Bagg
Pamela Gidley ... Dottie Thompson
Tommy Hinkley ... Bob Thompson
Anna Popplewell ... Anna Sackville-Bagg
Dean Cook ... Gregory Sackville-Bagg
Rollo Weeks ... Rudolph Sackville-Bagg
Summary: After moving to Scotland, Tony, a lonely young boy obsessed with vampires starts having dreams. Then he meets an actually vampire and they become best friends.

Now this isn't one of my all time favourite vampire movies or anything, but it is one hell of a feel good film. I happened to catch in on TV yesterday and it really is adorable.

You'll recognise Tony (Johnathan Lipnicki) from Stuart Little, which gives you a hint as to the level and tone of this film. It has vampires, but they're kind of cuddly vampires. There are even vampire cows and they are awesome.

This is the kind of movie you curl up with on a Sunday afternoon with cookies and milk and just enjoy.

Alice Krige and Richard E. Grant as vampires are a god send and they are simply wonderful. I love them in most things and this is no exception. They are the perfect choice for slightly creepy, but really, actually good underneath vampire types :).

The child actors in this are also well chosen and talented. I love Rudolph (Rollo Weeks) especially and he has such a completely awesome costume too. If I had been watching this as a child I so would have wanted his outfit - as it is, I want Alive Krige's. ;)

The plot hold together, which is not always a given with children's films; the characters are entertaining and the cast is good. The bad guy is bad, the good guys are good and everything works out in the end. It's difficult to fault the film for what it is.

This is a great vampire film for children and adults who want a heart warming tale with a few fangs thrown in. It's worth it just for the vampire cows, really it is :).
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AV - Son of Cool

IWACA Autumn Issue - fiction, advice and other creative things. (I'm in it)

You might not have heard of IWACA (Indie Writers and Creative Artists), but it's a wonderful on-line magazine put together by the amazing SD Neeve.

It is filled with all types of creative people and here is the:

There's free fiction to read and interesting articles to peruse.

I have a short story in the magazine for this issue and an author spotlight. Because it's the Autumn issue, we thought Halloween is coming up soon, so it's a bit of a zombie story.

It's called Rest In Peace and is slightly humorous and suitable for most age groups from teen up (due to gory descriptions).

For the sharp eyed of you, yes, the zombie in the picture is my husband Rob :) - I needed an image fast to create the illustration and his was just sitting there on my hard drive :D.
Sara puts a lot of work in IWACA and it really is well worth a read so go take a look.

I would love to know what people think of the fic :).
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