June 26th, 2014

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Review: The Breed (2001, Adrian Paul, Bokeem Woodbine)

Title: The Breed (2001)
Rating: 18
Adrian Paul ... Aaron Gray
Bokeem Woodbine ... Stephen Grant
Bai Ling ... Lucy Westenra
Péter Halász ... Cross
Summary: In the near future vampires (the breed) have revealed themselves to humans, although the totalitarian government keeps most of humanity still ignorant of their presence. When his partner is killed by a vampire, cop Stephen Grant is teamed up with one of the breed, to track down the rogue. Stephen must overcome culture shock and all those pitted against him to bring the murderer to justice.

One thing I really like about The Breed is that the cast is racially diverse. Yay for the casting agent.

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Have you seen The Breed? Did you like it? Have you seen any other vampire films set in a totalitarian state of the future?