March 18th, 2014


Review: Mrs Amworth - how to make a vampire movie and miss the mark

Title: Mrs Amworth
Magenta Brooks ... Mrs. Amworth
Daniel Ross ... Jed Stokely
Christy Sullivan ... Sarah McMillan
Summary: Jed is a photographer having a few relationship problems with his reporter girlfriend Sarah. The appearance of their beautiful and mysterious neighbour, Mrs Amworth doesn't help matters, especially since people in the small town are dying of a mysterious illness.

I wanted to like this film. It's a low budget horror, but sometimes that's the best because they have to rely on plot and dialogue rather than special effects. Unfortunately this film has neither.

Firstly, don't believe the artwork - I don't think they had the budget for fangs, only lots of blood.

Secondly, this is simply a classic vampire story told badly. It is almost exactly Dracula, just with more people dying and less depth. Jed and Sarah seem to share the part of Mina and several others fill in for Lucy. Doc is Van Helsing and I suppose that would make the editor of the paper (whose name escapes me and who isn't listed with a name on IMDB) Jonathan Harker, although he doesn't have anywhere near as much to do.

I was hoping for a twist or a fullfillment of the glimpses of a back story that were dotted through the film, but nothing ever appeared. It was almost as if the writer had an idea and then forgot what it was.

The back story as is also makes no sense. It breaks the rules set up for vampires within the actual film.

I have no trouble with a film not making sense in reality, but if it doesn't make sense given it's own established boundaries then I am always disappointed.

Frankly I was hoping that Mrs Amworth would end up turning Jed, Sarah and Editor guy and they could all go off and be bad together in New York or something like that. In the end what actually happened was just bizarre, unfulfilling and plain bad.

I saw this for free on Prime Instant Streaming and I'm very glad I did because I would be most disappointed if I had actually paid for it. It's not the worst vampire film I have ever seen, but I will not be bothering to see if I can add it to my collection. This entry was originally posted at
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Resources for Writers and Designers - compiled for TLWLexicon

Soph and I did a couple of panels at TLWLexicon this last weekend focused on Selfpublishing, and we put together several pages of resources and information. I thought I'd put together a post with links to them all so they are easy to find if you have missed them:

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