January 25th, 2014

WK - Aya sword

Day 20: My Favourite Anime (requested by aardvarkinmud)

being_elspeth Favorite anime? Any ones that you'd want to try but haven't yet?

This one is easy, my favourite anime is definitely Weiss Kreuz also known as Knight Hunters in the US.

Florists by day, assassins by night - I kid you not. In the above picture we have Weiss, our heroes (Aya, Omi, Ken and Yoji) and their arch enemies Schwarz (Crawford, Schuldig, Farfarello and Nagi).

Weiss spend their days running a flower shop as cover for their night activities as assassins for the Kritiker organisation. They deal with the bad guys that the law cannot touch in a very permanent way.

Weiss Kreuz is divided into two phases, Kapital, which was the first incarnation and Gluhen which was a revamp where they redrew the characters and ruined it. I'm only really a fan of Kapital, although I do have both on DVD :). In case you are interested I have written quite a few WK fanfics and you can find them all listed here on livejournal or here on Archive or our own.

Aya is by far my favourite character. He's a cold, hard bastard a lot of the time, but that persona just protects his vulnerable core. To most people he appears to only care about his sister, who is in a coma. His real name isn't even Aya, that's his sister's name, which he adopted when he set out for revenge. His real name is Ran. His main wish is to kill the man who murdered his parents and put his sister into the coma, which is why he joined Kritiker. To say he's a little irrational about the subject would be putting it mildly. He is the oldest of Weiss and his weapon of choice is the katana.

My second favourite character is Schuldig. He's a psychotic German telepath. He loves to play with people and he loves to taunt Aya.

What is great about WK is that the bad guys all have powers, Schu is a telepath as I already mentioned, Crawford is a precog, Nagi is telekinetic and Farfie is a berserker who feels no pain and is very difficult to stop. Weiss are entirely out gunned because they have no powers at all, and yet they never stop fighting.

Kapital does not have the greatest animation in the world, but it has the most wonderful stories and characters. I love WK and I can watch it over and over again. There is a little bit more information about it in this post if you are interested.

An anime which I haven't seen yet, but do want to take a look at is Bleach. I have part of the first season on DVD that I picked up cheap somewhere and I will get round to watching it eventually.

What are you favourite animes?

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Avengers - Loki sweet and innocent

Amber's new furniture :)

Since we have a new sofa, we thought is was only fair that Amber should have some new furniture as well :). Well, that and if she has something in the front room to play on and scratch she shouldn't attack the new sofa.

Here are some piccies of her exploring the three level cat tree with the hammock when Rob has just put it together in the kitchen. In the background of some of the piccies, to the left you can also see parts of a really tall scratching post that we bought this morning as well so she can have a good stretch. That will be headed upstairs so she will then have something in each room. If anyone is interested they all came from Pets At Home.

At the moment they are both in the old dining room with  her existing scratching post so she can get used to them. We also sprayed them with cat nip so she knows they are all hers :).

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