January 1st, 2014

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Happy New Year 2014

Happy New Year

I hope you all have a happy, peaceful and successful 2014.

I have to admit, I didn't stay up to see in the New Year last night, Rob and I staggered to bed at about 10pm. Rob's not been well since Christmas Eve and has had a really sore throat and cough. This means he hasn't been sleeping and neither have I. Yesterday he went to the docs and was given some antibiotics which seem to be clearing up his throat beautifully already so last night we had our first good night's sleep in days. The new year is already looking up :).
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Posting more ...

I need your help, please :D

So I saw [personal profile] moonlettuce doing this and ummed and ahhhed, but it does seem like a good idea. I can't do it for every day in Jan because I missed today and I need to give you time to suggest topics, so I'm going to go from the 8th Jan to 7th Feb :)

Pick a day and any topic you would like to hear me rattle on about (or just a topic and I'll pick a day if you like) and then I shall fill the days in below and attempt to make posts about those topics (barring anything unforeseen that is :)). I would very much appreciate it if you would pick topics you think I know something about ::g::.

I might even consider writing a short fic, but it would only be a drabble.

This is going on my LJ, DW and blog, so if the day happens to be taken because I haven't updated yet I reserve the right to move you by a day if necessary - hope that's okay.

To see the actual posts for this meme, click here.

6th: dracavia What's the one movie you haven't reviewed thus far that you think is a must see and how can you possibly have overlooked reviewing/rec'ing it thus far?
7th: dracavia Anything on your experiences as a self-publishing author.
8th: dracavia Anything Marvel or HP related (in fic preference for frostiron/frozenpizza and H/D)
9th: gummibearthief What dish created the greatest desire to create good food in your kitchen?
10th: being_elspeth What are your plans for the future?
12th: [personal profile] moonlettuce Apparently, the 12th is Feast of Fabulous Wild Men Day. Run with this :D
13th: being_elspeth What toys do you see nowadays do you wish you could have played with as a kid? And reverse, what toys from your childhood do you wish were still around?
15th: entropy12 the next chapter or the rest of your Fic: One to the Other, HarryPotter/Avatar, Harry/Draco, Jake/Neytiri (I will try, but I had totally forgotten I hadn't finished writing this one)
16th: dracavia Another one of your tasty recipe recommendations, perhaps something themed to the winter season (eg comfort food, seasonal produce, etc)
17th: being_elspeth List of favorite myths. List of favorite creatures (real or imaginary).
19th: being_elspeth What do you collect?
21st: dracavia The trials and tribulations of crazy cat ownership.
23rd: being_elspeth What pictures do you like to look at?
24th: the4ts Name at least one book you wish you'd never, ever read and one book you would happily read over and over again.
25th: being_elspeth Favorite anime? Any ones that you'd want to try but haven't yet?
27th: starr_falling what is your favorite book (or books as I know it's hard to pick just one)?
28th: the4ts one thing you secretly covet and one thing you wished you'd never set eyes on, let alone acquired.
29th: being_elspeth And lastly (cause I'm just brainstorming lol), what are your guilty pleasures? Particularly any tv shows?
31st: starr_falling January 31 is Chinese New Year. Do you celebrate? What's your sign? ;) Do you read your horoscope?
1st: [personal profile] temaris Is it worth filing off the serial numbers or just write original fic to start with?
6th: dameange I would love to know what happens in the Corruption Sequence.
7th: lost_house what topics have you not written about that you really should have? who's january post did you read and think "why didn't i get asked that one? i could have written pages!"

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