October 5th, 2013

AV - Son of Cool

New kitty, Amber, is now at home.

We picked up Amber yesterday and the poor baby is still nervous and not very sure of everything. She did, however, very much seem to enjoy the head scratch I gave her this morning :). She's happy to be petted when she's in her bed, but not outside it yet.

She's eating and moving around the utility room and seems to like her new bed, so all seems to be going well. She also very much likes the kitty treats ;).

We just bought her a scratching post as well, so she has something to exercise her claws.

I think with a little love and time she's going to settle down very nicely.

No piccies yet, but soon, promise :).

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AV - Son of Cool

Amber piccie :)

So this is Amber, our new kitty. Sorry, this isn't very high res - it's from the web cam we've set up so we can keep an eye on her without disturbing her all the time. There will be some actual camera piccies once she has settled more and is happier with us being around.

She's begun talking to us now, so we hope it won't be too long, but we don't want to stress her out.

[Edit - Here is another piccie a bit higher res (yes that is a bribe on the counter in front of her bed - she does like cat treats)]

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