October 1st, 2013

wittegen press

Cat's Confidence out today :)

It's launch day! Yay!
Cat's Confidence is out today and for one week until 8th Oct is is $2.99, after that it's going up to $3.29, so get in early for the better deal.

It's available on Amazon, Smashwords, Apple, B&N and Kobo at the moment and will be on other sites shortly (thank you Smashwords aggregate program).

All the buy links are here at the main book page.

The Seer says that a Questor is always prepared for the Task for which they are chosen and Charlie has been a Questor long enough to know the Seer is always right. Still, it never occurred to him that being ready would mean specific training for a specific Task. Charlie, Kaelyn and Alexander are given six weeks to become a Dragon Warrior team: all they need to do is master magical telepathy, archery, flying and, the trickiest of all, how to put on a dragon-harness in under five minutes!

Once through the portal in the land of Snijela, they must pass as veterans, make friends with other dragons and figure out why they've actually been sent on their Task in the first place. Add in a volatile young queen, two feuding nations either on the verge of peace or all out war, as well as spies, sexism and an alarming acceleration in Charlie's premonitions, and nothing is ever going to be straightforward.

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