July 23rd, 2013


Blogger Book Fair 22nd-25th July 2013

So I totally forgot to post about the Blogger Book Fair (click here to see the directory of everyone taking part) yesterday. All this week I will be hosting other lovely authors over at my Tasha's Thinking's Blog and they will be hosting me on theirs. There are also giveaways and events running, so lots of things to see and do.

Today I am hosting the lovely Eva LeFoy and her post is right over here:

Tentacles by Eva LeFoy

Our Wittegen Press Giveaway Games is still open and will be for the whole BBF.

The Wittegen Press Blogger Book Fair eBook Giveaway

Just click and follow the instructions for your chance to win an eBook bundle you're definitely going to like.

Today I am hosted over at Allyson Lindt's blog Apathy's Hero and at Eileen Sharp's blog:

The Wonders of Romance

Women in Publishing (not up first thing because of timezones)

Of course all the posts from yesterday are still up as well :)

The posts I am hosting:

Horror Writing - Or Writing About Happy Families In Fiction by Eileen Sharp

The Twin Perils of Writing - Sophie's PoV

My posts guest:

The Twin Perils of Writing - Tasha's PoV - this is the sister post of Soph's post linked above over on her blog Sophie's Thoughts and Fumbles

The Joys of Freebie Titles over at Drakosden This entry was originally posted at http://beren-writes.dreamwidth.org/256602.html.
Avengers - Loki sweet and innocent

Shameless request for votes :D

Greetings all. Now you probably saw all about the Blogger Book Fair in my last post, but what I didn't mention then it that there are Reader's Choice Awards for the BBF.

Now we are allowed to canvas for votes, so that's what I'm doing :D Thank you so much to anyone who does vote for me *hugs*. If we win we get a web badge and a feature on the main site :).

The voting page is over here: BBF Reader's Choice Awards

I have the following books in the Erotica category:

Me, Myself and I

Forgotten Soul

Forbidden Soul

Fortunate Soul

Then these in Fantasy-New Adult:


The Beginning

And these in Fantasy-Young Adult (2):

Cat's Call

Cat's Creation

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