July 11th, 2013


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  • Wed, 16:55: We have fledging jackdaws and magpies in the garden - they're noisy little buggers!
  • Wed, 17:07: Ugh! Why can't I finish this scene? It won't tell me where it's going *pout*. Guess I'm just going to have to plan it *dramatic sigh*.
  • Wed, 17:29: RT @julieacrisp: Now I'm going to have my say on sexism in genre. The Publisher's Perspective. P.S. I'm a woman. http://t.co/y0kDuwbzLv
  • Wed, 18:09: Finished the chapter - yay! :D
  • Thu, 11:32: Just pre-ordered Iron Man 3 - do I really have to wait until September? *pout*
  • Thu, 11:59: RT @BloggerBookFair: Blogger Book Fair showcases authors, books and bloggers! Don't miss it! Sign up for a reminder today! http://t.co/v5Q0