July 10th, 2013

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Recipe: Creamy Chicken Curry (low cal)

This recipe comes from the 5:2 Diet Recipe book by Jacqueline Whitehart. So far I have cooked three recipes from the book and this is the only one I really liked, one of the others was nice,  but not worth the effort it took and the other just wasn't my thing. This one, however, is fabulous.

Prep time 10min, cooking time about 55min, but you can go away and leave it in that time because it's simmering.

This makes a lovely creamy, sweet curry with a tomato and onion base. My husband didn't even realise it was an onion base, however, because it cooks down to something like a soft chunky soup. You could use potatoes or Quorn or even lentils instead of chicken if you wanted to go with a vegetarian version. The chicken is literally a texture to take the sauce rather than offering much flavour so anything would work.

If you like more bite use hot chilli powder :).

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