June 27th, 2013

AV - Son of Cool

Happy squee ...

I haz new PC and it is whizzy :)

My old PC was the one I got from work when I was made redundant, which I had had for several years then, so, as you might expect it was getting a little old. It was okay for most things, but there were just some bits the hardware couldn't do. The processor wouldn't run the new Win virtual machine and the BIOS had a bug that was never going to be fixed so it wouldn't work with certain video cards.

Now have gigabyte mother board with I3 quad core with 8G Ram that works with new whizzy video card, which means my photo editing software now works without telling me I can't do this and I can't do that because my video card won't do it. Yay!

Even better, we cloned my old harddrive and just added new drivers and things so I don't have to reinstall all the software. All we had to do was reactivate Windows by ringing their helpline, putting in a 9 part code (each with six digits [I think - might have been five]) and then getting a new 9 part code with lots of digits each to enter back into the machine. That's a lot of digits when you're doing it by hand, but at least it worked :).

It went from a 4.2 Windows experience to a 5.9 :) - not that I'm really sure what that means.

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