June 5th, 2013

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Review: Byzantium - Vampires and blood, but really very little gore.

</div> Title: Byzantium
Saoirse Ronan ... Eleanor
Gemma Arterton ... Clara
Sam Riley ... Darvell
Caleb Landry Jones ... Frank
Daniel Mays ... Noel
Jonny Lee Miller ... Ruthven
Eleanor and her mother Clara flee from their run down flat to an off season coastal resort town when the past starts to catch up with them. Clara support herself and her daughter the only way she knows how, using her body, but she meets Noel, the lonely owner of the one time grand, but now run-down guesthouse, Byzantium and she and Eleanor move in. Meanwhile Eleanor meets Frank and wants to reveal her long kept secret; she will be sixteen forever and she and Clara are over 200 years old, surviving on human blood. However, they have not run far enough as the past meets the present.

Link to the review on my Tasha's Thinkings Blog

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Avengers - Loki sweet and innocent

Den of Eek! eBook in aid of Geeks vs Cancer now available

Last year I was lucky enough to take part in Den of Eek, run by the lovely people at Den of Geek. This was a live evening with twelve authors (3 of us from a competition Den of Geek ran, the others established writers) reading aloud their works of horror written specifically for the event in aid of the Geeks vs Cancer appeal.

All of those stories have now been put into an eBook, which is also being sold for Geeks vs Cancer appeal.

The Den of Eek! ebook is now available to buy

The link above goes to Den of Geek's post all about the book with links where to buy it. This is a great cause and all the stories were fabulous so it's a great book too :).

Clayton Littlewood
Leila Johnston
CJ Lines
Sarah Pinborough
Natasha Duncan-Drake (me :))
James Moran
Mary Hamilton
Joff Brown
Neil Jones
James Brogden
Johannes Roberts
Kevin McNally

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