April 23rd, 2013

WTTP - Long lonely stare

Fic: End or Beginning?, Welcome to the Punch, Jacob/Max, PG13

Title: End or Beginning?
Author: Beren
Fandom: Welcome to the Punch
Pairing: Jacob Sternwood/Max Lewinsky
Rating: PG13

Jacob knew hate and he no longer saw it in Lewinsky's eyes. The investigations were over and the right heads had rolled, so he and Lewinsky had met to finish what was between them.

They had been reluctant allies with so much unresolved anger.

Now Jacob didn't know what they were.

They had fought; inevitably, but with Lewinsky on the floor beneath him, he was no longer sensing the rage. He could feel Lewinsky shivering where he had the man pinned down and he realised this was not about hate at all.

They had both lost, could they both find?

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AV - Brothers?

Loki's Hair in Thor 2

This is a repost from Tumblr, hence the too young comments, I suspect more of you on here know what I'm talking about ;)


Was I the only one that thought 'Blair Sandburg'?

*looks at the blank faces*

From The Sentinel.

*sees more blank faces*

This is Blair for those who are too young for that particular fandom.


Only it got me thinking, what if Thor was a Sentinel and Loki was supposed to be a guide, but the whole 'made to be an Aesir' thing messed it all up, which is why Loki is so thoroughly screwed up and Thor can't seem to hate his not-brother no matter what.


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Review: Nightlife (1989)

Title: Nightlife (TV 1989)

Ben Cross ... Vlad
Maryam d'Abo ... Angelique
Keith Szarabajka ... Dr. David Zuckerman
Camille Saviola ... Rosa Mercedes
Jesse Corti ... Jose

Summary: A museum in Mexico is digging up bodies to add mummies to their display when one of them turns out to be more alive than dead: she's a vampire. Angelique finds a champion in this new century in Dr David Zuckerman who is a blood specialist and wants to help cure her disease. The problem is, Vlad, the evil vampire boyfriend she buried herself to get away from is still on her trail.

(P.S. I have just read the summary on IMDB, and I don't know who wrote it, but it's totally wrong).

Now I know the summary sounds cheesy, but it's supposed to be, this is a comedy and I love it. The biggest problem is it's not available on DVD. I wish it were. I found my old VHS tape and converted it to avi so I could watch it again and the story is as great now as it was when VHS tapes were all the rage :).

Collapse ) This movie is funny and entertaining and a great example of the comedy horror genre that was so well done in the late 80s and early 90s. I only wish it would come out in a decent format so I can watch it without it bouncing up and down every now and then (my tape is a bit knackered - it was an ex-rental when I acquired it). This entry was originally posted at http://beren-writes.dreamwidth.org/249199.html.