April 3rd, 2013

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A to Z challenge, day 3 - letter C

We have made it to day 3 of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge.

Today's letter is C and I have two posts for you again today.

C is for Cake - over at my Tasha's Thinkings Blog, where I share some of my favourite cake recipes.


C is for Cock - over at FB3X for Drabblerotic. Click to see where I went with this one ;)

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WTTP - Your point being?

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Title: Trance
Director: Danny Boyle
James McAvoy ...Simon
Vincent Cassel...Franck
Rosario Dawson...Elizabeth
Summary: Simon, a fine art auctioneer, helps set up the theft of a very valuable painting  but during the theft, double crosses the thieves and takes the painting and hides it. During the robbery he is hit on the head and the resulting brain injury means he doesn't remember where he put it. A hypnotherapist tries to help him unravel his memory and the lines between reality and what's in Simon's head start to blur.

First, let's get the shallow part out of the way. James McAvoy has a very, very nice naked arse, which is on display for quite some time in the middle of the film. I approve.

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  • Tue, 18:45: Going to see Trance tonight :D More McAvoy FTW! I have seen glowing reviews and definitely not glowing reviews, so we shall see.
  • Tue, 23:10: Just saw Trance - loved it. Wow, what a mind f**k! Brilliant. :)
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