February 26th, 2013

AV - Son of Cool

Had a fabulous weekend ... and other random things.

It was my MIL's 60th Birthday last week and we had the party on Saturday. I made the cake and there are pictures, but I have no idea what Rob did with the camera, so they will have to wait :).

We went up to Essex an Sat morning and helped get everything ready and the like and it was a lot of fun, although I do despair of Rob's families' organisational skills some times ;). At moments it was somewhat chaotic :). There was lots of lovely food and lots of dancing (I think I have strained at least two muscles and my ankles hate me, but it was so much fun).

Rob's mum seemed to have a blast, which is the main thing :).

Got to meet some of Rob's relatives I have never met before and others I haven't seen since the wedding and that was a lot of fun too.

The DJ for the disco was 65, completely bonkers and fabulous at what he did - very nice chap indeed. Shows how the modern age works though, rather than cases full of vinyl or CDs he had a hard drive and a laptop :).

Spent most of yesterday yawning, however, thanks to late nights and doing so much :).

However, this morning I was able to get back on my exercise bike for the first time in two weeks. I've had this bug that's going round and I haven't been able to breath well or stop coughing for about two weeks, so I was really pleased to be able to get back to something like normal today. My nose is still running like a tap and I cough occasionally, but I'm finally on the mend :).

Watched Moon Child again last night; it really is one of my favourite movies ever. It is so well written, all the characters have depth, there is humour and tragedy and love and everything that makes a film great. The whole vampire part is simply an added bonus.

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