January 28th, 2013

Avengers - Loki sweet and innocent

Birthdays 21st Jan - 3rd Feb 2013

I'm late again, sorry.

Happy Birthday to:

roxyroller121, son_of_darkness, swtjemz, eclipse_n2_lust for the 21st
bassician, girlfrom711, crazyrodent, misskittye, velvetdiamond for the 22nd
mirokuslady, sparemint for the 23rd
noneeca, cherrycigars, kiakaha, stitchy for the 24th
klo_the_hobbit, mandragora1/[personal profile] mandragora, matrix_hack for the 25th
sm_malfoys, meaikoh, jellypencil, peachdancer82 for the 26th
[personal profile] starr_falling for the 27th
separatrix, ihlanya, litian, sherdelune for the 28th
xyverz, krichardson/[personal profile] krichardson, meeshy/[personal profile] meesh for the 29th
phenix_tears, chriseis for the 30th
mhalachaiswords, snugglemint for the 31st
kaylafic for the 1st
shikishi, kittyfisher for the 2nd
demi_de_melee/[personal profile] demi_de_melee, amythystluna for the 3rd

Many Happy Returns of the day to you all.

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Avengers - Loki sweet and innocent

Productive Weekend

So I was in an organising mood yesterday, so I decided to do my best to make sure all of my fics were up on AO3. I've made it through all the HP ones and all the Tokio Hotel ones which are by far the biggest, so I'm pleased.

Also finally added an Avengers master post to LJ and added in AO3 links on several of the big master lists. Haven't had a chance to do the same on DW yet, but I will get there.

It was very cathartic to just do the organising, rather than the creating for once :).

On that note I do have a new book out today (as soon as Amazon finish faffing around). It was a commission for PennyDreadfuls21.com which has now come out of its exclusivity period, so it's a short story, but it has vampires and romance and hot boys, so hopefully it will appeal to my readers :). Once it's finished uploading I'll give it its own post as usual.

Oh and thank you very much to everyone who filled in my polls about AO3 usernames.

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