July 28th, 2012

Avengers - Loki sweet and innocent

Today's Giveaway #28 Dead Not Dying

This is one of mine today and it really is horror. Not an uplifting story today, folkes - made myself cry when writing part of it.

Wittegen Press Giveaway Games
Giveaway: 28th Jul 2012 BST
Day 28: Dead Not Dying

Natasha Duncan-Drake

Tigger is old and unwell, which is why Jo thinks it might be time to put her beloved cat out of his misery. However, the vet has one last thing to try. Tigger is like a new cat until it appears his heart gives out, which is when things start to become really weird.

Part of The Wittegen Press Giveaway Games July 2012

Genre: Horror

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