April 25th, 2012

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100Things #8 My Perfect Vampire

So I've done the post about what a vampire has to have for me to really enjoy them as a character, now I'm going to describe my perfect vampire. Now, I'm not saying this would make him a great character, just listing what pushes all my buttons :). Hence this is likely to be a very shallow post and I regret nothing.

First of all, he has to be nice to look at. I want my vampire to be a pretty boy. What is the point in having supernatural powers if you can't make yourself look good? ;) I'm thinking Tom Hiddleston's cheek bones and smile (now there's a man who could carry off a vampire snarl *points left*), James McAvoy's eyes, things like that.

I also want him to have a nice body. Not Chris Hemsworth sculpted (that's for the werewolves ;)), but lean and gently muscled rather than being ripped. When the while poet's shirt falls open as he steps off the balcony I want something to see, but there should be quiet strength, not in your face BAMF even though his supernatural nature means he could squash most people like a bug.

Collapse ) So, there you go, my perfect vampire (he's probably be insufferable :)), tell me about yours. Share with me your idea of the perfect gentleman/lady of the night. This entry was originally posted at http://beren-writes.dreamwidth.org/197775.html.