April 15th, 2012

Avengers - Loki sweet and innocent

Fic rec, Thor/Avengers/Being Human - this is a must read.

Okay, so on Friday I innocently took a look a the end of a fic I had been eyeing for a while to see if I might actually like to read it. I'm the kind of person who doesn't care about spoilers and I like to know if a fic ends in a way I like :). The chapter I glanced at intrigued me, but then I realised it was actually the third story in a series, so off I went to look at story number 1.

This series is called Housemates by Coneycat and it's not what you'd call an obvious crossover. I love crossovers and even I eyed it as slightly odd before I read it.

First thing I have to say is: IT'S BRILLIANT!
The second thing I have to say is that you don't really need to know the fandoms either. Both are explained beautifully within the story and you learn all you need to know from the pages of the fic.
The third thing I have to say, this is Loki centric, if you're not a Loki fan this might not be for you, although the third is definitely epic enough to please most Avengers fans I think.

The first story is called Monsters and it's a Thor/Being Human (UK) crossover.

Monsters is set literally just after Loki's fall from the Bifrost, and rather than ending up trying to take over the world he lands in Annie, Mitchell and George's dustbins. Being "Monsters" themselves they think nothing of taking in a confused, lonely, somewhat unstable demi-god. This story is eleven chapters long and not short chapters either, but it had me clicking on each eagerly. Norse gods, vampires, werewolves and ghosts, what's not to love? Loki is set into the Being Human universe in the first story, using as much of that as possible until towards the end and it's beautifully done.

The second story is called The Loves and Hatreds of His Frightful Home and is a Thor/Being Human (UK)/Avengers crossover, with some Arthurian legend thrown in for good measure.

It is also brilliant and is 16 chapters of page turning goodness. George finds Steve (Captain America) wandering around in the forest after the full moon, confused and with parts of his memory missing. Loki recognises magic at work when he sees it and tries to contact Thor via Jane and manages to get the attention of SHIELD. Unfortunately the whole message didn't get through and they immediately suspect Loki of being the one who bespelled Steve. Things go downhill for a while and after that events get really complicated and exciting and I'm not going to put spoilers in :).

The third story is epic, it's Thor/Being Human/Avengers again. It's called Brother's Keeper and starts off with Loki simply vanishing as far as most are concerned where he's been grabbed by SHIELD and shoved in a cell with a magic inhibitor. That's about all the summary on AO3 says and I'd leave it there, but that kind of put me off, because I thought 37 chapters of angst, so I have to say, that's not what it's really about.

That is the catalyst for the story to begin and it left behind quite early (although not the consequences) and the rest of the story is an epic of plot and battles and espionage that spans at least four of the realms. It's superb.

This trilogy is everything I look for in fiction. The characters are wonderfully drawn, the situations well thought out. It is just so well done.

One WORD OF WARNING, however ;) ... I started reading this on Friday at about 4ish, I stopped for dinner, but after that only stopped reading when my eyes gave out. I realised when I took a break it was 2am. It was that engaging. I would have finished reading it on Sat, but I was at an all day Avengers prequel movie marathon with friends, so I had to wait until today. Make sure you have time when you sit down to read this, or be prepared to ration yourself :).

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