February 15th, 2012

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The Woman in Black - Dan Radcliffe - a review

First of all, let me say, wow, this was a scary film. It is full of the psychological horror, camera tricks and fantastic set up that I love in a horror movie. It is a ghost story of the best kind. No need for gore or over done CGI every five seconds, just good, honest scares, perfectly timed with just the right amount of special effects. This is the kind of movie where you go home, close all the curtains and then huddle under the duvet refusing to look at that dark corner of the bedroom, that before now has never been overly threatening.

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My shoulder is playing silly buggers again. I think it must have been all the use of the crutch when walking in London at the weekend. It hurts down from my ear and all along my right shoulder.

I was supposed to be doing Soph's new cover today, but I can't reach out my arm to use the tablet. It is most annoying. It kept me awake half of last night as well so my brain is at half power today. More aspirin in a little while I think.

Hopefully if I rest it, it will sort itself out soon.

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