February 1st, 2012

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Smashwords, how I love thee.

Yesterday I realised that not everyone knows about Smashwords and what a great site it is, so I decided to do a post.

Okay, so I've talked about Amazon and the fact it is not the only option for eBooks and now I'm going to talk about one of the other brilliant alternatives: Smashwords. All Wittegen Press books are available from Smashwords.

Smashwords is superb, not only for readers of eBooks, but for authors/publishers as well. It is a mine of Indie publishers and self-pub authors that all should check out.

You have to have bought a book to review it, which is also useful from an author and a reader persepctive. For the author, no spam reviews, for the reader, you know if someone reviewed it they bought it first.

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Smashwords is a superb site and the staff are incredibly helpful if there are any problems.

For example, when we first started publishing on there, Soph and I thought we should keep Penny Dreadfuls 21 and Wittegen seperate, so we set up those books under a different publisher account. Then we decided that we actually wanted to have them all under Wittegen after all. Most of the books we just transfered back to the author accounts and then used our author accounts to assign them to Wittegen. However, a couple of the books were under a ghost account. For some reason when we tried to reassign to another author it didn't work. Smashwords looked into it straight away and found a bug and fixed it. That simple and then everything worked fine. No red tape, no black hole of no response, just a very helpful support staff.

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I'm late again (I think maybe I should have that tattooed on my forehead ;)). I am running so late today as well, but at least it reminded me to do this.

Happy Birthday to:
phenix_tears and chriseis for the 30th,
mhalachaiswords and snugglemint for yesterday,
kaylafic for today,
shikishi and kittyfisher for tomorrow,
demi_de_melee and amythystluna for the 3rd and
gwinna, icon_ified, electricandroid, saphicwicca and taibhrigh/[personal profile] taibhrigh for the 4th

If I have missed you off, for whatever reason, please LMK, I will be happy to add you. I'm so sorry if I have.

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