January 17th, 2012


Quick request...

Are any of my US friends up and about yet? I have a quick request if someone wouldn't mind.

Would someone be a dear and check "Forgotten Soul" on Amazon US for me please and tell me what the price says?

Amazon is a bit weird the way it won't show me the price on the actual page because it doesn't think I can buy it in the US. I can only see it in group listing pages, so I want to be sure what it's selling for at the moment.

Thank you ever so much.

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Remus Friendship


Sorry I'm a day late again ... was sidetracked yesterday and didn't post anything anywhere.

Happy Birthday to:

em_rose483, black_and_bloom and epona34 for yesterday,
lady_razzle and libel for today,
slytherinboyz, empire3k, nanathecat and [personal profile] elesteria for tomorrow,
slice14414 for the 19th,
medieval1066, closet_bound, cock_and_logic, [personal profile] fides and [personal profile] irish_dragon
for the 20th,
roxyroller121, son_of_darkness, swtjemz and eclipse_n2_lust for the 21st and
bassician, girlfrom711, crazyrodent, misskittye and velvetdiamond for the 22nd

Many Happy Returns to you all.

As ever, if I am missing you for some reason, please LMK. It's not deliberate and I would be very happy to add you to my spreadsheet.

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al - eyes on the prize

Forgotten Soul by Natasha Duncan-Drake, m/m, adult, short story

For those in the US with Kindles, Forgotten Soul is finally listed for free on Amazon US. They appear to have price matched with B&N.

Sorry UK and other Kindle sites, it doesn't appear to be price matched outside the US yet.

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