January 6th, 2012

Remus Friendship

Okay, so I'm updating my birthdays and posting them over here as well ...

Since some people are moving, I feel it is time to update the birthdays and do them on DW as well. I only have names for LJ, so all these are LJ links, but if you have moved over to DW, please LMK in a comment there/here and I will update my records accordingly. Please indicate who you were on LJ in the comment as well if it has changed.

If we are new friends on LJ or DW, please also drop me a line so I know to add you, thanks *hugs*

I am so sorry for being late this week - I totally forgot, what with the bank holidays etc.

Happy Birthday to:
feygan, sdkshelly and venivincere for the 2nd,
cocohufflepuffs, skytheuplight, colored_image and crestoinnocence for the 3rd,
beldarancara and mentarossa for the 4th,
allotheralt and dark_squall for the 5th,
skyeisfalling, zeenell, ladyclio16 and zeenell for today,
ridicu_liz and the lovely sarahsan for tomorrow and
darcellie for the 8th

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al - y'know you wanna

2011 roundup :)

I've been so busy with trying to finish things off the last week that I haven't had time to do a 2011 round up post. So let's see, what did I do in 2011.

Well I published 3 novels.
Cat's Call (sequel coming soon - planned for Feb)
Sacrifice of an Angel (this is the one Soph and I wrote together - it has twins :)).
Advent (this is the new one - bet you couldn't tell it was a vampire novel :)).

Also published several short stories.
Three Bullets (espionage meets m/m romance)
Chip Off the Old Block? (the anti-christ is in a bit of a bind - m/m erotic comedy - FREE)
Forgotten Soul (erotic vampire tale, FREE, sequel coming soon)
Face of the Dead (ghost story horror with some m/m thrown in)

Started an exercise regime - as Rob puts it, I cycle to work every day :). For those who don't get it, I work from home and have an exercise bike in the study ::g::.

Gained a new fandom: X-men First Class, thank you moonlettuce. Wrote some fic in it and created some art, most of which is not finished yet, but you can see my efforts under this tag (LJ, click) ( DW tag)

Wrote some HP fic, several of which are crossover, that may be seen at this tag [DW tag] (not many entries, so scroll down to see all).

Wrote some Ice Skating RPS which may be found at this tag (DW tag).

Wrote some Adam Lambert fic at this tag (DW tag)

Wrote some Sherlock fic at this tag (DW tag)

Wrote some other random things for mmom at this tag (I just realised I haven't cross posted any of these to DW yet ... oops)

Resigned from being choir mistress at Chilham, which is just going to be plain weird. My dear Papa was the vicar there, but he retired as of 31st of Dec and it would be kind of awkward to stay. Soph and I have offered to go sing at weddings etc if they need us, but I have handed over the reigns to others now.

Created a new blog for reviews and writing stuff: Tasha's Thinkings - although I suspect I shall crosspost most things here as well. If you have a Google account it's very easy to follow the blog, or there's a follow by email option as well, just in case. I promise not the spam that blog with random crap ;).

I can't really think of anything else to say. If I remember more I shall come add it :).

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