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My apologies, I have been remiss in updating this week. I'm going to connotations this weekend and I have been busily preparing all my stuff. It's a slash con and there is a fandoming pimping session at the end, but I'm pimping Jrock RPS and Moon Child all weekend (be afraid) ... (HP doesn't really need much pimping ::g::). I have two copies of Moon Child to give away and one's going in the raffle, but I've made up some caption competition sheets for the other one. I was making badges last night and I've put together a starter list of websites and LJs to give out as well. I hope to temp some of the fabulous writers I know will be at the conn to the dark side that is Jrock ::g::.

I must also apologise to all the pop slashers who I thought were lovely, but a bit odd watching their concerts and PVs and sighing and giggling, because well, I now own two L'Arc en Ciel concerts on DVD (soon to add Hyde's Faith tour DVD to that as well) and two DVDs of Gackt's PVs and have a harddrive full of downloaded ones for various and sundry Jrockers as well. I still don't get the appeal of Justin Timberlake, but I do understand where you're coming from (I even get the llama and the zombies, but not so much the fish, although it was a hilarious story) ;).

Now on to the birthdays:
Many Happy Returns to:
charmed310 for yesterday,
silver04 and thoughtful_kaos for today,
spark_of_chaos for tomorrow,
honeycakehorse and n0b0dys_ang31 for the 6th,
caitlen for the 7th and
shopfront for the 8th
I hope you all have/had wonderful days and good years.

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