December 29th, 2011

Remus Friendship


I'm behind as usual :)

Happy birthday to:
lupin_spirit, corvidae9 and paraboobizarre for the 26th,
lady_addiction, malpomme, eponin10 and rozenmakai for the 27th,
ks_darkstorm for yesterday,
sgcp90 and margi_lynn for today,
belelfmir and peki for tomorrow,
scribbulus_ink, atiejen, saffronra and thewantonvixen for 31st and
legomymalfoy, missakins, midnightangel70, saigestar and angelofmercy for the 1st

Many Happy Returns to you all.
al - oh yeah!

Look what my clever hubby made for me for Christmas

Okay, so you probably know that I use my exercise bike every morning since I have wittered on about it before, and you have probably heard me bemoan that I cannot use my netbook while pedalling. Well no more! :)

Lookee what my wonderful husband has made and set up for me!

It's actually a monitor stand, part of an old Del computer, some velcro, a large jublilee clip (pipe clip), some plastic spacers, a heavy duty plant tie and a little bit of duct tape to smooth off the clip.

Collapse )

The netbook is velcro'd on so that it can't slip off, so no chance of breakage, but I can remove it and use the shelf for my BeBook or for a book I'm reading as well, so it's very versatile. It also moves to the side as you can see in the first picture, although I can get on and off without having to shift it.

P.S. Post about my new book, Advent . In case you missed it.

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