December 21st, 2011

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New Free Book, Stockings - Two Haward Christmas Short Stories

We thought we'd like to give something away for Christmas, so we've put together a couple of short stories. Just some feel good fics for the Haward Mysteries universe.

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Stockings - Two Christmas Short Stories Title:
Author(s):Natasha Duncan-Drake
Sophie Duncan
Date Pub: 21st Decemeber 2011
Length: 2xShort Stories (~5kwds)
Genre: Christmas short stories, fantasy
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ISBN 978-1-908333-14-8, ISBN 978-1-908333-15-5
Description: In one story meet Remy and Theo as six year olds trying to meet Father Christmas and in the other see them come to terms with being the guardians of Blackwood during their first Christmas as such.
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Encounters of the Sleigh Kind

"Theo, wake up," he demanded when his twin barely shifted under the covers.

All that came back was a grunt and Remy was not having that. He let his magic rip and the covers shot off the bed in a shower of sparks. Theo sat bolt upright and stared.

"Remy, what did you do?" Theo asked, still half asleep by the sounds of it, but watching the little sparkles float to the floor.

"Woke you up," Remy said, completely unrepentantly and grabbed his twin's hand. "I saw Father Christmas, now come on."

Time to Heal

"I feel it too," Theo's warm tone soothed the momentary panic rising in Remy and when he glanced at his twin he was given an understanding smile lit by the twinkly Christmas lights around the kitchen window.

"How did Daisy handle this year after year on her own?" Remy let out some of the tension in his chest and his breath whirled in the air in front of him. "It's –"

"Big," Theo finished for him simply, still smiling as he turned to look out into the wild part of the manor grounds.
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al - Oh puleeze!

What is it with arrogant developers who clearly don't have a clue?

The first rule of upgrading a system is DON'T REMOVE FUNCTIONALITY.

LJ have done just that - functionality that many, many people told them was needed. I can only assume their developers are too stupid to be able to fix their code before the roll out.

As someone pointed out, Gmail's changes were annoying to some people, but they didn't change the basic functionality. Removing subject headers from comments and removing the parent/thread links is a nightmare.

They say they're working on a skin to bring this functionality back for those who want it, which means they haven't changed the back end. So why, oh why, did they do this without a backup plan?

All they would have had to do was put the new release up in beta, with a warning it was going out to all on such and such a date and if you wanted it to stay the old way after that date, tick so and so option on the settings. Then everyone would have been happier.

Don't even get me started on the icon thing. It's sparkly and pretty, but totally impractical unless the whole system from server to PC is working perfectly. If they have another DDoS no one is going to be able to do anything, not even a little comment.

I have made my discontent known on the release thread and in the feedback form.

*bangs head on table* Are they really that stupid?!!

My DW account is over here, in case you're looking.