December 12th, 2011

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Fluff Friday - yay!

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♥Fluff Friday♥

So people are interested in a Fluff Friday! Here is the proposal:

♥Fluff Friday♥
Let us make Friday the 16th of December another Fluff Filled Friday for everyone who needs a smile in their day.

subtlemagic will make a Master List of the Fluff on her page on that day that people can post their links to!

Feel free to share the love far and wide!

Remus Friendship

Birthdays :)

First of all, thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday. *hugs* you all. I shall attempt to reply individually, but I thought I'd do a blanket thank you, just in case I lose anyone along the way.

Also thank you to everyone who came and helped us celebrate this weekend, it was so much fun. I'm now sitting down just chillin' ;).

Happy Birthday to:
konniemacian, taradiane and corsiva for today,
nymphadora17 and oconel for tomorrow,
titti, dirtykitchensex, karenfb, abremaline, havensfire and cleolinda for the 14th,
the lovely temaris, hitokuse and elliannna for the 16th,
eiranea and mary_from_mars for the 17th and
jooniper_pearl, xander_e_mage, punk_at_heart, davidbrider, jooniper_pearl and dizzycat1usa for the 18th

Many Happy Returns to you all.
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Fandom Stocking

Does everyone know about fandom_stocking? The sign up post is HERE.

It's a place where peeps can write stuff, make icons, fanvids, fan mixes ... y'know anything fanish, for other fans. Then in Jan the posts are unscreened so peeps can see their fandom stockings.

I have just signed up because alyse made all of us at the party promise we would, but my stocking post is not up yet. I will post a link once it is. This post is to ask about other people's fandom_stockings.

Edit: My fandom stocking

Poll #1802515 Fandom stocking

Do you have a fandom_stocking?

I have just signed up and will let you know when it is up.

What is the URL of your fandom stocking?