December 6th, 2011

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New Book of Christmas Poems

Soph has a new book of poems out. She's been writing one a year for our Christmas lessons and carols service as the last reading for seven years now and these are the six from previous years. Some are funny, some touching, but all are full of the Christmas spirit.

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A little something to get you in the Christmas Spirit!

Christmas Poems by Sophie Duncan Title:
Author(s):Sophie Duncan
Date Pub: 5th Decemeber 2011
Length: Poetry (6 poems)
Genre: Christmas Poems, Christmas, All Ages
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ISBN 978-1-908333-10-0, 978-1-908333-11-7
Description: Meet the battered old Christmas Fairy, or listen to a child's prayer on Christmas Eve; sympathise with a harried shopper, or think a while on the meaning of Christmas.

The 6 poems in this book were written to be read aloud as the last lesson at a Christmas Day service in a little, English church. They can be enjoyed by anyone from 8 to 80.
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Excerpt: Baby Boy

Baby boy, what are you?
A king, they say?
What king lies on a bed of straw
When silk, or the finest cotton
Should cradle a royal head?

Baby boy, what are you?
A Lord, they say?
What Lord breathes stink of ass and ox
Should only perfumes of jasmine
And sweet musk suffice?

Baby boy, what are you?
Saviour, they say?
Saviour in a humble stable,
Born beneath a holy star
A child and yet a king?

Lord of Light, Peace and Joy,
You are a Saviour,
Saviour of the World.
You are a lord,
O Lord of Love.
You are a king,
King of my heart.
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