October 31st, 2011

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The Diablo Ouija: Haward Mysteries Short Story #1, YA Fantasy

Soph has a new free short out and here are all the details. :)

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A new short story out for Hallowe'en. It's available free from Smashwords.

The Diablo Ouija by Sophie Duncan Title:
Author(s):Sophie Duncan
Date Pub: 31st October 2011
Length: short story (~11K wds)
Genre: Fantasy, YA, Paranormal, Ghost story, murder mystery
Buying Options:
ISBN 978-1-908333-05-6
Description: Theo and Remy Haward are drawn into a ghostly murder investigation on Hallowe'en when The Diablo Ouija, a dangerous magical item, is stolen from the SeCT evidence store. Theo turns to his old mentor, retired DCI Swanson, for more information about the one-time tool of serial killer, Raymond Holiday, and discovers Swanson has been keeping a secret about the deadly spirit board.
You do not need an eReader to view this publication; there are Kindle aps available for most devices as well as formats for other eReaders, devices and PC. Please see FAQ item 11 for more info.


Theo swallowed hard. Unsure of what he had seen, his mind trying to make sense of the flash of white and the deathly face, he took a moment to let his heart rate settle before he swept the room once more. There was nothing there except old office furniture. Kicking himself for his own imagination, but not able to completely settle again, Theo went inside.

"Alinson, Felix Alinson," he called, more for his own benefit than to actually garner a response.

Theo wasn't expecting an answer.

"Welcome, Detective Haward," a deep male voice greeted from his left.
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Remus Friendship

Thank you and Birthdays :)

Happy Halloween to one and all.

Thank you so much for the blue spiders :)
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Sometimes I wonder about my brain!

Last night I was flicking around channels on the TV and happened across the Strictly Come Dancing results show and managed to prove to myself all it takes are some coloured contacts and I'm drooling.

The had "The Wanted" on ... I only know the band name because I went and looked them up. They're a pretty boy band and the song was pretty much what I expect of boy bands, but they were all wearing these coloured contacts for Halloween. My brain only started to try and slash them for heaven's sake. I don't even know who they are, but one flash of coloured contacts and my brain wanted to picture them having sex. *head desk*

Rob and I have been watching the 1988 revamp of the Mission Impossible TV series recently - it's on CBS Action. We have all the original series on DVD and I had no idea there was a whole series of the 1988 version. I knew they did a movie, but I think that's actually the feature length ep that was originally 2 eps from s2 rather than anything else. I hope they release it on DVD as well. It stars one of my fav hunks from the 80s - Anthony Hamilton, I was so sad when I went to check his IMDB page and found out he died in the 90s :(.