September 19th, 2011

Remus Friendship


Happy Birthday to:

arrmaitee and mieka_writes for tomorrow,
adela_nightmoon, amessis, jamie2109, gauriel, tiggerdabounce2, dusk037, elyxer and dusk037 for the 21st,
antichristangel and thelamefangirl for the 22nd,
mrsoze, x_queenc_x and shywild for the 23rd,
melleemo, ashice_roses and leilsylver for the 24th and
tm_nicholas, wenchravenna, flyby311, looking4tarzan and rhiannonhero for the 25th

Many Happy Returns to you all.

Excuse me while I swear about Google ... f***ers

I logged into my G+ account this morning only to be told that my profile name was under review and my account would be suspended if I didn't change it.

My profile name was this at the time: Tasha(Beren) Duncan-Drake

But that is seems is not good enough for Google, oh no. It's not technically my legal name, although, let's face it, it's not hard to figure out what is, but it is how most of the internet identify me. I'm not hiding behind a psued, I'm just trying to maximise the number of people who can find me.

I am thoroughly annoyed.

And did know Twitter have follow limits once you get to 2,000 follows. No neither did I until I hit it. Talk about a frustrating morning!