September 14th, 2011

JW - done

The exercise routine appears to be working - yay!

I'm up to 30 mins on the bike in the mornings now and I don't fall off in a heap at the end :). Bits of me are distinctly less wide and less wobbly too, some bits I would not have expected actually.

My heartrate is down by 25 BPM to what it was when I first started at the end of each cycle as well. This was my main aim, to make sure my heart was healthier, so I'm very pleased.

Not there yet, but getting there, so I hope things will continue to improve :). I quite enjoy my little reading sessions in the mornings now, although I still hate using the weights, which I've just added back in now that the bike doesn't make me want to crawl away and die ::g::.
AB - Vamp love

Forgotten Soul by Natasha Duncan-Drake, m/m, adult, short story

My new short is out, it's free :). It's actually a nefarious plot to get you hooked on the series, which so far has at least three parts planned. It's going to be on Amazon as well, but Smashwords has Kindle format and that's where I can guarantee it will be free. Amazon don't allow us to put it up for free as default, but they do price match, but that seems to be a mysterious process, so the list price is 99c (the min) and who knows what it will actually show up as :). In other words, go to Smashwords to download it, it's easier :).

Originally posted by beren_writes at Forgotten Soul by Natasha Duncan-Drake, m/m, adult, short story
Please be aware this title has Adult Content
Forgotten Soul by Natasha Duncan-Drake Title:
Author(s):Tasha D-Drake
Date Pub: 14th Sept 2011
Length: short story
Genre: Paranormal, Adult, Vampire, Male/Male, Romance
Buying Options:
SmashwordsFreeePub, PDF, mobi(Kindle), rtf, ltf(Sony), Palm Doc, Plain txt
ID: WP000552
Series:The Soul Reader Series #1
Description: John knows that at best he can be described as a male escort and at worst as a whore, but it's what he does and he's good at it. He sells his body and his clients come with fangs so it's more about blood than sex. Hiding behind a false smile and his acting skills is the only way he survives, but when he meets one of his latest clients, Michael, his professional detachment is severely threatened, leading him into very dangerous territory.
You do not need an eReader to view this publication; there are Kindle aps available for most devices as well as formats for other eReaders, devices and PC. Please see FAQ item 11 for more info.
"How do you feel about sex?"

The question came from Michael and interrupted his usual rehearsed speech. His appointments usually had a certain order to them, but it seemed not tonight.

"I'm at your service," he said, surprised by the question, but trying not to show it.

Some of his clients wanted sex as well, others didn't, it was all part of the job.

"That wasn't what I asked," Michael said, stepping towards him and giving him a very obvious once over. "Do you like sex or would you rather avoid it?"

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[Edit: there seems to be some confusion, this is a signal boost - nothing to do with my work.]

Originally posted by darkspirited1 at SIGNAL BOOST: SAY YES TO GAY YA
This comes from an article by rachelmanija entitled, Say Yes to Gay YA.
(click the link for the full article)

Our novel Stranger has five viewpoint characters; one, Yuki Nakamura, is
gay and has a boyfriend. Yuki's romance, like the heterosexual ones in
the novel, involves nothing more explicit than kissing.

An agent from a major agency, one which represents a bestselling YA novel in the same genre as ours, called us.

The agent offered to sign us on the condition that we make the gay
character straight, or else remove his viewpoint and all references to
his sexual orientation.

This isn't about that specific agent; we'd gotten other rewrite requests before this one. Previous agents had also offered to take a second look if we did rewrites… including cutting the viewpoint of Yuki, the gay character.

It's time to stand up and demand change. Spread the word everywhere if you are just as angry and outraged by this.