August 29th, 2011

Remus Friendship

I think I need a holiday - LOL

Last week was a bit full on. The weekend before last Soph and I went to The Immersive Writing Lab, which was great, but very tiring. On the same Sat my in-law arrived for a semi-planned holiday where they were using our house as a base. It was fun having them, but boy am I knackered.

They left on Thursday. Then Friday I was baking cupcakes for the Drake/Painter family party which was on Saturday evening in Essex. Rob and I arrived back on at 1am Sunday morning and then had to get up for a normal Sunday of Church and lunch, so we collapsed in front of the TV last night :).

Todays is my parents' Wedding Anniversary, so we're headed over there later today to celebrate that.

And breathe ... :)

I'm so sorry I forgot to do the birthdays last week, as you can see I didn't get much time online and it totally slipped my mind.

Happy Birthday to:

motherendurance and saifai for the 22nd,
lincolnkw, tamaralm30, selenelaluna and the_owlcat for the 23rd,
soberloki, pumpkinstine and the lovely starlaces for the 24th,
jackhallin and karaz for the 25th,
baileygirl42 and cynical_terror for the 26th,
fairyeyez27 for the 27th,
fanfictionfan and fallen_jam for the 28th,
eliminate, the wonderful steinsgrrl, mayrin and jellyqueen_x for the 29th,
liljademoon and xocoatldreams for the 30th,
reilael, ocean_turtle and is_anonymous for the 1st,
blackwing_08 for the 2nd,
blindomelon and aetas_lupus for the 4th and
gabriel_kata for the 5th