July 22nd, 2011

WK - Schu amuse me!

How are we all today?

I am about to launch into 'write and not look up' day, as I have labelled it, but I thought I'd just drop by here first :).

Thank you to everyone who answered my raging plot bunny poll, it was incredibly interesting. Have to say I think saddle_tramp is winning so far with most out of control bunny at 500+ thousand words. Good heavens! :)

Also the funniest comment about Faults for Fixing has to have come from rhiannonhero who misread it as "Faults for Fisting", which, oh boy, that's a whole other story. Wonder if anyone has written it - LOL. When searching for the alert email, I also discovered that a worrying number of emails come back when I search for "fisting" ... oops. Fanfic writers have dirty minds.