July 15th, 2011

al - eyes on the prize

Question for X-men first class fans ...

Okay, now when I watched the movie I assumed that Charles did the Cerebro thing and he and Erik then went off to pick up the other mutants one at a time. Kind of find one, pick them up, find another, pick them up too etc.

However, in the fandom I see a lot of people talking about the Erik and Charles road trip, as if it was all one journey.

Is there an official interpretation, or is it all speculation and either works? Since it was a montage in the movie it's really difficult to tell.

Thanks :)
xmfc - your place or mine

TW: I made x-men 1st class icons :)

You knew this was coming right?

I only made a few to begin with:

This one is made in part from a gif created by wraithness, check out this post to see the full splendour.

I saw someone comment this morning about jazz hands from this part of the movie and it's exactly what I thought when I saw it, so I iconed it :)

"More tea, vicar," has to be the best line ever, but you know what they were actually thinking ;)

Feel free to snag if you would like to use them as well.